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Suvayu Ali fatkasuvayu+linux at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 04:44:16 UTC 2010

On Tuesday 17 August 2010 01:05 PM, Robert Nichols wrote:
>> I have contacted Western Digital, but I am yet to hear from them. In the
>> >  mean time I want to minimize what ever problems I have since I have to
>> >  run my machine with this drive until they confirm my RMA.
>> >
>> >  I came across this page on the smartmontools sourceforge page,
>> >
>> >  http://smartmontools.sourceforge.net/badblockhowto.html
>> >
>> >  Does any one think its worth a try to attempt this?
>> >
>> >  Thanks for any suggestions.
> It's probably worthwhile to try to identify the affected files and thus
> get some idea of how much time you'd spend trying to correct your 70+
> remaining bad sectors that way.  Hopefully you won't have any bad sectors
> that can only be located by running "smartctl -t long ..." (runs for ~1
> hour, finds the first error, you fix that, then repeat) or by reading
> through the entire drive (takes ~3 hours for a 1TB drive -- use dd with
> "conv=noerror" so that you won't have to repeat that).

Thanks Robert for the suggestions.

PS: I heard back from WD today. They have recommended me to RMA. :)


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