Sendmail on a LAN

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Wed Aug 18 10:28:26 UTC 2010

Gordon Messmer:
>> You'll want to arrange a smart-host through which you can route all of
>> your outbound mail.

> I talked to them, and I am able to at least send out email.

Are you aware that if your SMTP server is on an IP in the range of
addresses your ISP doles out to its private customers, you may be on a
blacklist of IPs to ignore.  It's a common practice for many other mail
servers, or their incoming mail filters, to only accept mail sent from
ISP mail servers, and other large networks.

A few years back my ISP increased the number of IPs that they use
(dynamically allocated to their customers).  And, apparently, there's
still a problem with us using those newer IPs, as many other services
don't have them in their database of acceptable IPs.

> I just sent out a message about this crappy router.

Can't you get a better one?

If not, can you set it up in bridge mode?  Then you can use it as a
simple modem, and the completely configurable computer as the router.

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