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Wed Aug 18 14:13:20 UTC 2010

 On 08/18/2010 09:13 PM, Tim wrote:
> The trouble is that the problem is external, and out of your control.
> Others can use any number of filtering techniques, good or bad.  If your
> on just one black list, that's a problem.

Yes, many things are external to ones system and out of ones control. 
And, yes, it may be problem...but it may only be a minor annoyance. 
> You can also strike the other blacklisting issue.  e.g. One of my former
> ISPs, Optus, was on many blacklists for doing sweet Fanny Adams about
> spam coming through their systems.  Any IP associated with them was
> tarred with that brush, and your mail could get rejected, no matter how
> you tried sending (your own SMTP server, their SMTP server...).  To make
> matters worse, they're one of the big ISPs and telcos in this country,
> and the backbone for many smaller ISPs.  That situation went on for
> years and years.  Long after I left them they were still in that boat,
> and I've given up checking to see if it is still the case.

I know what you mean about being tarred with a brush.  That is why I
used the term "good" RBL service.  I know of at least one RBL service
that blacklists on a country basis.  For those persons/companies
subscribing to that server my emails are blocked since I happen to live
in one of the "bad" countries.

FWIW, I'm not a fan of RBL services and while many of them exist I've
not seen any data as to how widely used they are.

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