slightly OT: using fetchmail on a MS Exchange 2007 IMAP server

Globe Trotter itsme_410 at
Thu Aug 19 03:16:50 UTC 2010


Sorry this is a bit OT, but you guys here are so knowledgeable and helpful that I thought I would extend my luck. I have been trying to set up fetchmail to fetch e-mail from a MS Exchange 2007 IMAP4 server and then read it locally. So here is my .fetchmailrc file.

set daemon 600
poll with proto AUTO ssl
mda 'procmail -f-'

I invoke fetchmail using the command:


This "works" (after supplying password) except that if I try this from another machine, I get that I have no messages that are not seen. Specifically, I get that all the kept messages have been seen. How do I fix this?

Sorry if the questions are not clear. I am not very well-versed with all this and am happy to explain my problems/questions further.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!!

Best wishes,


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