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Thu Aug 19 03:22:58 UTC 2010

On 08/17/2010 08:31 AM, Bob Goodwin wrote:

> Well, if you say so. But intuitively I see no difference

what i was basing on is what i had read and of those who ended up with
blue bricks.

> Remember I used the tftp method because after attempting to install

ok. tftp must be the trick, as i do not recall it bing mentioned in
post to site.

from what you are saying, there must be some form of firmware that
allows loading software when using tftp.

being that you are writing to nvram and nvram being what it is, it
maybe that you are getting a bad write.

therefore, if it can be done, when you write and have problems, try
dumping back when you write and run a checksum to see if you are
getting back what you should.

with what all i am involved with at this time, it looks like it will
be mid of next month before i can bust my virgin.


peace out.



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