Installing DD-WRT -

Bob Goodwin bobgoodwin at
Thu Aug 19 19:24:14 UTC 2010

  On 18/08/10 22:44, Darr wrote:
> On Wednesday, 18 August, 2010 @12:46 zulu, Bob Goodwin scribed:
>>         I found a place under "Services" where I can start listing the
>>         assignments I want but it wont let me save or apply them.
> That's the right place.  But on the Setup Basic page you should
> set the DHCP scope to exclude the addresses you're using there.
> Click 'Add' and enter the info in all the fields correctly, else
> when you save/apply, it blanks them all out again (just the
> one you're working on; previous saves should not go blank
> from messing up a new one).
> Enter the MACs in the form 01:23:45:ab:cd:ef (i.e.
> not 012345abcdef, nor 01-23-45-ab-cd-ef, nor even cisco's
> 0123.45ab.cdef format). I use the NetBIOS name in the
> Host name field.   If they're members of a domain, you
> should use the DHCP server of the domain controller, as
> DD-WRT's DHCP server is lacking a few features (e.g. no
> matter what IP is set for the "Gateway" in "Network Setup"
> the DHCP server instead assigns the "Local IP Address" as
> the Gateway when responding to BOOTP requests... it's
> also slooooow to respond).
> I use 10080 minutes for the Lease Time (1440 minutes is
> 1 day, of course). You're supposed to be able to leave that
> one blank (I think it defaults to 4 days if blank), but I fill it
> in anyway.
> You cannot assign the same IP to multiple MACs (even
> if they're the wired and wireless interfaces on the same
> machine and are configured so only one can be active at
> a time). For the laptop I usually use on a dock, I have 3
> IPs reserved (for wireless, NIC, and the dock's NIC).
> Once you get the format right so it saves OK, you can click
> 'Add' enough times to open the number of IP's you want
> to reserve and do them all at once, then click Save... but
> that's not much faster than saving them one-at-a-time.
> Once they're all saved, click Apply Settings. When it comes
> back, click Reboot Router, then the Static Leases should work.

    This has me really frustrated! Perhaps I don't have the right
    incantation but I'm unable to enter more than seven dhcp address
    assignments and keep them. I have a total of 17 that I need.

    I've entered all 17 of them and I can go through data entry box by
    box and do a little double click routine and each one fills in so it
    remembers what I've done, even through a power down! But those in
    excess of the first 7 are lost from the list of DHCP clients under
    the wireless system information tab!

    I fill in a few lines, click "save" then click "apply" and then go
    on and do some more up to the 16th line. They are not really applied
    it seems since they don' t appear in the dhcp client list? If I
    enter the 17th line and "save" they are immediately stripped out
    back to the first seven?

    I'm working from Firefox and did the "Tools > Start Private
    Browsing" thing if that matters but saw no change.

    Any idea what I am doing wrong?


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