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Thu Aug 19 20:29:28 UTC 2010

Steve Blackwell <zephod <at>> writes:

> I want to be able to log in to another computer from this computer
> using XDMCP. Assuming that I have configured the other computer
> correctly, a big assumption to be sure, what do I have to do to GDM to
> show a menu or some other way of displaying the available XDMCP
> computers on my login screen?
> I get plenty of google hits on GDM & XDMCP but they all appear to be
> about how to configure GDM to allow a remote computer to log in to my
> local computer and not the other way around.
> Is XDMCP even the right way to go? Should I be using VNC? I know XDMCP
> is inherently insecure but this is on a local private network.
> Thanks,
> Steve
is it about XDMCP Chooser ?

Gnome Display Manager Reference Manual
3. Configuration
3.2.6. XDCMP Chooser Options 


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