Kmail - Hard-wrapping URLs when pasting

JB jb.1234abcd at
Fri Aug 20 17:12:00 UTC 2010

Jorge Fábregas <jorge.fabregas <at>> writes:

> Hello everyone,
> I'm runing 1.13.5 (Fedora 12) and noticed that, on the Composer window, when I 
> paste a long URL it hard-wraps it at the configured "word wrap at" setting.  
> This is not the behavior when you actually type it (there are some smarts 
> there that will detect you are writing an URL and won't wrap it) but it 
> doesn't when you paste it.  This used to work back in Fedora 8 (don't know 
> what Kmail version was over there).
> I've looked every setting and can't find any option for it.
> Regards,
> Jorge
is that your setting ?

    Toggles the automatic wordwrap. It may be useful to turn it off if you want
to paste long lines that should not wrap.


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