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Fri Aug 20 21:51:25 UTC 2010

On 08/20/2010 02:39 PM, Darr wrote:
> I have only a couple machines on my LAN that I really
> need/want to have the same addresses every time... a print
> server and a computer I want to be accessible via
> (requires the same address every time so the port forwarding
> in the router points to the correct machine)... so I never
> really ran into that limit before in DD-WRT.
> And not to hijack this thread, but it wouldn't be that hard
> to setup a DHCP server on fedora instead, would it? (I don't
> want full setup instructions... it must have a wiki somewhere.)
> And that should handle MAC-reserved IPs, too, right?
> I would likely be happier with that, ultimately, since
> if I want to run a transparent proxy I could set the
> Gateway address to the proxy server, but DD-WRT's
> DHCP always sets the Gateway to its own LAN IP
> when it hands out addresses.
Setting up a DHCP server on a machine that is going to be running
all the time is easy. You have more then one choice of program,
depending on how complicated your setup needs to be. I think all of
them can set a fixed IP address based on MAC address.


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