F13: Warning: RPMDB altered outside of yum.

Suvayu Ali fatkasuvayu+linux at gmail.com
Sat Aug 21 02:56:20 UTC 2010

On Friday 20 August 2010 06:52 PM, Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
>   On 08/20/2010 06:50 PM, Suvayu Ali wrote:
>> On Friday 20 August 2010 06:45 PM, Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
>>>    I get this message when I either install or remove
>>> a package.  What is it?
>> You probably used
>> $ rpm -ivh something.rpm
>> to install something rather than
>> $ yum localinstall something.rpm
> Hmm... the only time I used rpm was to install RPMFusion
> and livna.  Is that a problem?

That would explain it.

> Can this warning be reset/cleared?

You could try reinstalling with yum. btw, as far as I recall the latest 
yum supports installing rpm packages over http or ftp. No reason to use 
rpm directly any more. :) (except for queries and troubleshooting ofc :-p)


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