Compile kernel

jarmo oh1mrr at
Sat Aug 21 04:10:48 UTC 2010

Konstantin Svist kirjoitti perjantai, 20. elokuuta 2010 19:57:53:

> and, finally, i686 is the hardware architecture this package is 
meant for

Oh, propably asked wrongly. I know all that, what you explained.
I ment, what for is that -devel source, if I can't compile it 

By make menuconfic etc. When I started with linux 1996, from 
I have compiled kernels that way. This moment I don't need any 
from this kernel, because I know, that there's coming at least 
that bug correction soon. I'd like to test, if there's noticeable 
between pentium pro and pentium 4 optimizion. 

So why is this -devel for, if it's patched already, but you can't 
compile it?


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