Installing DD-WRT -

Bob Goodwin bobgoodwin at
Sat Aug 21 14:25:55 UTC 2010

  On 21/08/10 08:22, Tim wrote:
> Tim:
>>> Or...  You install another small router device, one that lets you set
>>> up DHCP easily, and sit that between your existing modem/router and
>>> the rest of your LAN.  That'd use less power than a PC, and have less
>>> things to go wrong with it.
> Bob Goodwin:
>> I have a spare router similar to the one I am using now [earlier
>> version] but I'm not sure how to apply that, can,t have two wireless
>> routers transmitting on the same channel? Might be able to move some
>> devices to a different channel but that adds to the system
>> complexity, need to think about that ...
> All your wireless devices transmit on the same channel.  They just don't
> transmit at the same time as each other, they take turns.  That's why
> wireless sucks as a networking medium, when you have quite a few devices
> in use on a network with a lot of traffic.  With wired networking,
> through a switch or router, many devices can all talk simultaneously, if
> they're each talking to different devices.
> DHCP works by the client *broadcasting* a request for an IP, and the
> server responding.  So long as your DHCP server is accessible somewhere
> over the LAN, it'll work.
> You mentioned having a NFS server in another post.  If that's always
> running, it could also be your DHCP server.

    Ok, that helps to clarify my situation.

    I've worked around the problem by making a lot of the dhcp stuff
    fixed addresses, left a couple floating, dhcp can assign them
    whatever it has available. That leaves  only six addresses to be
    assigned for mac numbers by dhcp. And when some of the other users
    return from vacation I may be able to change some of them to fixed
    addresses also.

    I still have some control over access via the device mac addresses.
    That give me a means of controlling what the grandsons can do with
    their PS3 game boxes, etc.. I don't want them playing games on line
    for fear of exceeding my bandwidth allotment. They ask me when they
    want to do an update, etc. .

    Dhcp just makes it easier when I am dealing with Apple Mac and
    Windows devices where I am always muddling through an unfamiliar
    setup procedure. Fedora Linux makes it so simple I am spoiled ...



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