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On 08/21/2010 12:22 PM, Tim wrote:

> All your wireless devices transmit on the same channel.

yes and no. depends on manual assignment.

> They just don't transmit at the same time as each other, they take turns.

true. first to transmit/first heard.

> That's why wireless sucks as a networking medium, when you have quite a
> few devices in use on a network with a lot of traffic.


> With wired networking, through a switch or router, many devices can all 
> talk simultaneously, if they're each talking to different devices.

again, yes and no. with a switch, yes.

with a router, no. again, first to transmit/first heard.

as for wireless:

simultaneously, different channels, true.

simultaneously, same channel, not true, if all on same channel or thru a
router, there will be collision. this is why network interfaces have
collision detection. when collision is detected, a random delay is applied
before retransmit.

if a switch or router has a multiplexing ability, then receive/retransmit
will be in an order.

for wireless, what is needed, if not already, is ability for each interface
to monitor in a delayed channel switch scan mode.

when a signal is received, interface would listen for it's ip. if being
'called', it then replies and communications are established.

if interface needs to communicate, it would first scan for an open channel,
then send destination ip address and listen for reply.


i need to fondle my figs.


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