Problem when upgrading from F12 to F13

Bill Davidsen davidsen at
Sat Aug 21 20:09:29 UTC 2010

Jon Ingason wrote:

> I have goggled and not found this problem. Have other same problem with 
> x86_64 or is there other way to do this without resizing /boot?
In answer to this specific question, yes there is. You can boot off an FC13 
install DVD and select the upgrade (1st IIRC) option. Somewhere in the next few 
screens it will have radio buttons to install or upgrade. Be careful, the 
default is install (again from memory). You then get the option to select which 
install to replace (I assume only one), and let it run.

Before sexy preupgrade methods that was the method of choice. I did it from FC11 
to FC13 recently, other than taking a while it worked flawlessly.

> PS The rest of the disk is LVM on both computers.

I'm sure there are wonders to preupgrade, but putting stuff on my disk from the 
network could run into disk space issues and can take a long time if the network 
isn't fast (yes, there are actual human beings running T1). And it doesn't 
scale, while a handful of DVDs does.

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