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Parshwa Murdia b330bkn at
Sun Aug 22 06:57:52 UTC 2010

On Sun, Aug 22, 2010 at 1:56 AM, Bill Davidsen <davidsen at> wrote:

> Just keep in mind that a file, if open, may be in some state only a mother could
> love. You really have to be selective about saving open files, or eventually you
> will save a file which is not in a useful state.

Nothing relevant to the present scenario!

> That said, you can find files modified since the last save and save them with
> whatever means you wish, such as rsync.

Would search about it ('rsync').

> This is an example, remember I just made it up:
>  touch next-save
>  find . -name *.txt -mnewer last-save -mmin +10 >save-list
>  rsync -a --files-from=save-list DESTINATION &&
>  mv next-save last-save

I try this example.

> Save files modified since the previous save, but untouched for ten minutes,
> since that improves your chance that the file is in a useful state, retry until
> the backup succeeds.

> Run that as a script every hour or so.

> NOTE: this is one of dozens of solutions, unless the data in the files is vastly
> valuable I'd just back them all up once a day. That's me, the cost of backup
> should not be greater than the cost of recreation.

Yes, thanks for this information. I would try these.

Parshwa Murdia

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