Error reading pen drive

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Sun Aug 22 06:58:19 UTC 2010

On Sun, 2010-08-22 at 10:48 +0530, Parshwa Murdia wrote:
> Yes, it was failed but the pen drive (in which some videos were there,
> unfortunately which had o back-up!) was formated successfully. And I
> returned it to my friend. Next day, he says, he was not able to work
> with that, which amazed me and still he looks for a solution! But the
> main thing is that it was successfully formatted at least once!

Partitioning:  Preparing the drive for the partitions it will have, even
if there will only be one part.

Formatting:  Putting some file system in place on the partition.

It's two steps, even if you have one application that can do both for
you.  If you remove the partitioning info, then formatting it isn't

Windows users may be used to right-clicking and formatting a flash
drive, as a quick way of erasing contents.  But it's dependent on the
partitioning info being there.  If it's missing, it'll need to be
repartitioned, that's something the usual Windows users aren't used to
doing, and mayn't know anything about.  I don't think Windows will offer
to repartition the drive for them, as hand-holding help.

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