Error reading pen drive

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Sun Aug 22 13:25:14 UTC 2010

On 08/22/2010 01:58 AM, Tim wrote:
> On Sun, 2010-08-22 at 10:48 +0530, Parshwa Murdia wrote:
>> Yes, it was failed but the pen drive (in which some videos were there,
>> unfortunately which had o back-up!) was formated successfully. And I
>> returned it to my friend. Next day, he says, he was not able to work
>> with that, which amazed me and still he looks for a solution! But the
>> main thing is that it was successfully formatted at least once!
> Partitioning:  Preparing the drive for the partitions it will have, even
> if there will only be one part.
> Formatting:  Putting some file system in place on the partition.
> It's two steps, even if you have one application that can do both for
> you.  If you remove the partitioning info, then formatting it isn't
> possible.
It is possible to format, and mount, a drive without a partition
table. But you have to mount it manually, because the auto-mount
software does not know how to handle it. Windows will also have a
problem with it.

For that matter, did you know that you can use a drive as one big
tar archive?  Try it with a pen drive or memory card you don't mind
re-partitioning afterwards.

tar -cf /dev/sdc *
tar -xf /dev/sdc *


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