Slow network with F13 [SOLVED]

Bill Davidsen davidsen at
Sun Aug 22 19:16:23 UTC 2010

Roberto Ragusa wrote:
> john wendel wrote:
>> Looks like I'll spend a little time poking at F13 scp and see if I can 
>> improve the transfer speed.
> Maybe you are using compression? Compression is a disadvantage when
> the network is fast (gigabit); you just spend CPU time.
> Then there is encryption. That can't be turned off. I would love
> an option --no-crypto for scp or rsync+ssh on local networks, but
> there is none: you are forced to turn to rcp or rsh or nc tricks.
There actually is a patch to provide encryption "none" to improve speed and 
reduce CPU for trusted connections.

HINT: sure would be a nice addition to Fedora FC14!!

It's really desirable for doing scp or ssh to/from a VM from the host. Why spend 
CPU encrypting a connection which is as trusted as possible? Note that for just 
file transfer netcat can be useful if you have the firewall set to allow it.

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