Fedora updates getting more like Windows every day

Tim ignored_mailbox at yahoo.com.au
Mon Aug 23 06:17:55 UTC 2010

>> At least, with us, you generally only have to reboot to use the
>> update. You can stay on the prior one, in the meantime.  Unlike
>> Windows, which often has to reboot, you can't keep on using the
>> computer, or other things won't install until you reboot.

> This is mostly FUD by the way. A Windows update does not require a
> reboot to 'work' only to complete the install and to restart what was
> updated. A reboot is the simplest way to complete the process as well
> as the easiest path for the user.

Mostly, as in not actually...

I have experienced this.  You'll start doing updates, and be forced to
reboot part way through, before you can download and install further
updates.  And then, on the occasions that you can defer rebooting, it's
unwise to try installing anything else, e.g. software that you want to
manually add, until the reboot.

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