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Mon Aug 23 07:12:28 UTC 2010

Aaron Konstam <akonstam <at>> writes:

> ... 
> I am glad you solved you problem but I am amazed that default worked.

Aaron is right about his amazement.
info grub
 -- Command: default num
     Set the default entry to the entry number NUM. Numbering starts
     from 0, and the entry number 0 is the default if the command is not
So, the presence of default command is not required.

> Hibernate saves the state of the system at the time you tell it to
> hibernate.

$ less /var/log/pm-suspend.log
/usr/lib/pm-utils/sleep.d/01grub hibernate hibernate: success.
$ less /usr/lib/pm-utils/sleep.d/01grub
out=$(/sbin/grubby --info /boot/vmlinuz-$(uname -r) |grep index)
echo "savedefault --default=${current} --once" | \

In this case, the default entry is the entry saved with the command

> When you return you load back the system to the  state you
> had before hibernation.

GRUB will choose the entry booted previously as the default entry.

> Which means to me that if you hibernate while in
> Linux it should come back to Linux. And booting into Windows 7 should be
> impossible. Would someone who suggested the default solution explain why
> this works?

Yes, Aaron. Do not let them off the hook :-)


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