Seahorse problem (is it really Seahorse?)

Andreas Lauschke alauschke at
Tue Aug 24 01:36:20 UTC 2010

This is my first post on a F discussion group, my apologies if I do something wrong.

According to there is supposed to be a right-click for Passwords:login on the Passwords tab. But when I start that GUI, there is none, only a grayed out Passwords text on that tab.

All I want to do is set up a keyring that doesn't bother me all the time with p/w entries, or alternatively, turn off keyringing altogether, because nobody else has access to this server. Whenever I try to set up a p/w for remote desktop, I get a new dialog popping up that asks for a p/w for the Default keyring. It comes up for every letter I try to enter or remove in the text field for the remote desktop p/w.

This is F13 on a dual AMD Opteron 64 blade server. This problem did not occur before (since F8 at least).

Several issues I have with this:
- All I want to do is set up a keyring. I shouldn't have to install something like seahorse for that, and then see that it doesn't work as advertised.
- All I REALLY want to do is set up a p/w for remote desktop sharing. I could do without a keyring in the first place, but I can't enter a remote desktop p/w without responding to some keyring dialog box first that keeps popping up and bothering me for every keystroke I try to make.
- I think this is a poor design. No matter what people tell me about safety and security, the user should not be bothered with dialog boxes on a character-by-character basis.
- also a poor design: a very likely consequence is that the user simply doesn't require a p/w for desktop sharing, simply because keyring issues that shouldn't be there in the first place keep bothering him/her, totally contrary to what should be done (it's really not necessary, because if you use vncviewer with the -via option on an ssh-encrypted connection, you are still required to enter your user p/w). But still, a desktop viewer p/w is an additional safety level beyond the user p/w level.

Something simple as setting up desktop sharing shouldn't require me to set up keyrings. Setting up remote desktop sharing should work without keyrings. And when setting up keyrings, that should be simple and straight-forward as well, and GUIs should look like described in the documentation (maybe it should be phrased the other way around: documentation should accurately describe behavior).

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