General desktop questions

Alex mysqlstudent at
Tue Aug 24 01:47:02 UTC 2010


I have  few questions about how to accomplish some things on the
desktop, and hoped someone could help.

- How can I change the highlighting of text using the mouse in a
Terminal to automatically copy without having to right-click then
Copy, and paste automatically by clicking the right-mouse button,
similar to how putty works?

- How can I attach a file to an email in Thunderbird that is on a
samba share? I've mounted the share in the file browser, then dragged
it over to the email, but Thunderbird responds with a permission
denied type of error, like the file either isn't accessible in
Thunderbird, or is only shared from within the File Browser. I've also
tried going through Thunderbird, but there doesn't appear to be a way
to connect to a network share, only the local disk.

- How can I create the ability for a normal user from within GNOME to
either be prompted once for the root password for administrative
tasks, or be able to start X11 as a normal user, yet have the ability
to perform root administrative functions like mount devices or create
new printer shares?


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