Fedora Notifications System.

Alan Cox alan at lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk
Tue Aug 24 10:53:01 UTC 2010

> i would like to know,
> 1. whether people would like to have a GUI for it or not,
> 2. whether they want to be able to read the previous announcements, &
> 3. whether they want the checking process automatically or manually.

This seems a bit half baked as a concept.

If I want to know about Fedora announcements I can use the mailing list.
If I want to track Fedora goings on I can use RSS/ATOM feeds.
I imagine the Fedora powers that be can also set up a twitter account.

So I can already manage these facilities including whether I use a GUI or
not, whether they interrupt me and whether they get fed through scripts
to automatically route them.

A new tool for this is a nuisance not a help.

An RSS feed for such things and adding it to the default firefox rss
bookmarks on a new Fedora could be a very good thing for new users. That
I can see, but please we have a wheel, several of them, don't invent a
new one.

Secondly the model of 'Fedora info on Fedora box' is wrong. Many Fedora
systems are servers. The announcement info may well need to be tracked on
a non-Fedora box, even an Android phone or similar which again speaks for
simply using the existing open standards. Certainly if there is an
"urgent, update your box ASAP" message type then I want it where I will
see it promptly - my phone.


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