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> got me started, now i am looking for more
> thorough knowledge to read.

Shows the shape of the signals and harmonics of
both the OFDM that 11a/g use and complementary
code keying (CCK) of 11b... also shows real world
results of four stations using 1, 4, 8 and 11, versus
having two stations on channel 1 and the other two
using 6 and 11 (no big surprise the latter setup gives
nearly twice the throughput of the former).

has a tutorial on EIRP limits and a small exposure
to how logarithmic scales work (e.g. 3dB = 2x,
10dB = 10x, ergo 13dB = 20x and 16dB = 40x).

I think its link to the part 15 PDF on the
site is wrong though - here's a (currently) good one:

An index for all of Title 47:

Some official IEEE specs:
802.11a, revised 2003:
802.11n spec, adopted about 10 months ago:

Note that both of those should take you to a page
where you have to choose what type of user you
are (e.g. academic/student), then click Accept/Begin.

Even IEEE members cannot download specifications
for free until at least 6 months after approval (well,
Standards Association working group members get
the drafts on which they vote), though we do get a discount. Breadcrumb back 
to 'getieee802' to see what's available in the 802 category. 

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