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Darr darr at
Tue Aug 24 15:48:55 UTC 2010

On Tuesday, 24 August, 2010 @06:13 zulu, Michael Schwendt scribed:

> Where is the confusion? Linux and Windows don't share their
> swap partition with eachother, so a Suspend-To-Disk option in
> addition to Suspend-To-RAM is useful.

I'm not sure windows uses a separate swap space
for its hibernation file... it makes one the same
size as the amount of RAM installed as soon as
hibernation is enabled, in the root of the partition
where windows is installed. i.e. I think even if
you specify a different partition/logical volume
for its swap file, the hibernation file stays put.

Anyway, did you remind them of this use in the
"Is swap really needed when RAM's aplenty" thread?

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