Fedora 13 on Dell E6410 screen resolution problem

Greg Woods woods at ucar.edu
Tue Aug 24 22:00:50 UTC 2010

On Tue, 2010-08-24 at 06:54 -0500, Brian Millett wrote:

> iommu=soft
> will get it going.  

This did not work for me. After it goes through all the daemon startups,
it gives a screen with a lot of crazy colors across the top, and alt-F2
brings up a blank screen with a blinking cursor. The system will not
respond to the keyboard other than to switch VTs. The only way to get
the system to boot properly to graphical mode, that I have found, is to
use the "nomodeset" boot parameter, but then it won't do anything better
then 800x600.

Even worse, it appears that the latest Linux version of the proprietary
nvidia driver does not support this chip. It is listed as GT218 and not
on the list of supported chips at the Nvidia web site. Trying to use
this driver produces a message in Xorg.0.log that the NVIDIA chip could
not be initialized.

Has anyone actually gotten Fedora 13 with X to run properly on one of
these things? Right now mine is a paperweight. I'd try Ubuntu but I have
no reason to expect it would be any better; this doesn't really look
like a Fedora-specific issue, although a workaround might be.


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