F13 kernel update mystery

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht wolfgang.rupprecht at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 19:13:05 UTC 2010

Hiisi <very-cool at rambler.ru> writes:
> I wouldn't dare to suggest using 'yum clean all' on this list. It's
> nearly the same big mistake as posting in html.


While I agree that "yum clean all" is a pretty big hammer, I have to
wonder why all the excitement every time it is suggested.  It isn't like
yum itself cares all that much about wasted bandwidth.  Much, much more
bandwidth gets wasted with duplicate downloads from folks that have
multiple Fedora machines.  If bandwidth really mattered all that much,
you could bet that yum would sprout a config file option that lets one
list all the hostnames of the other local fedora systems to check to see
if any of them had copies of the RPM in their caches.  

Yes, I know I can set up a local yum/rpm repository, but that has its
own problems.  One ends up downloading all the rpms, even though one
only uses maybe 5% or them.  Yes, one can also NFS export the yum cache
and symlink and share it across hosts, but that is a bit of work to set
up and get going.  Most people just aren't going to go through that,
especially when the end result is a much more brittle yum installation.

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