printer problems F13

Gregory Pittman gpittman at
Wed Aug 25 19:32:33 UTC 2010

Last week I was suddenly faced with the loss of all printers in my 
settings. This is on a netbook that I carry around and therefore have 
5-6 printers set up for use.

What I have noticed since then are the following features figured out 
with lots of trial and error, finally some success.

1. Plug-n-play automatic detection and setup of printers no longer 
happens. Other USB devices get found as usual.
2. trying to use the menu-based Printer configuration ends with it 
finding the printer, then telling packagekit to look for drivers, after 
which it says that the drivers are installed, and it quits with an error.
3. Using the menu-based HPLIP, it cannot find any printers connected to 
a USB interface, another show-stopper.
4. Using 'hp-setup' on the command line by root will allow for USB-USB 
printers to be set up. This will not work for USB-parallel connections, 
since this still cannot find any devices connected to the USB interface.
5. Using 'system-config-printer' on the command line by root will allow 
for setting up a USB-parallel connections printer.

I've tried going back a couple of kernels to see if that made a 
difference, but it didn't.

This is very annoying, and I wondering if anyone has any explanation for it.

Greg Pittman

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