Fedora Notifications System.

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Thu Aug 26 06:03:35 UTC 2010

On 08/25/2010 02:03 PM, Mahmoud Abdul Jawad wrote:
> after spending two days reading the two fedora mailing lists (fedora
> users & fedora devel), i got a list of ideas that need to be
> implemented in order to keep the things up:
> 1. the abililty to turn off the system
> 2. smart notifications (maybe multilanguage, geolocation-based, &
> time-aware notes)
> 3. keep a history of the notifications
> 4. max. number of notifications at the time
> 5. click able notifications
> 6. stackable notifications
> 7. manageable feeds
> any issue about any of those points??

 imo - Whatever you do - please ensure that:

   1) never grab mouse focus ever - let the user decide when to view the

   2) never create a popup unless the user clicks your applet to ask for
more information - leave your applet blinking in system tray or whatever.

   3) Consider possible consolidation of rss/email/desktop - as some
have said - perhaps they would like to be reached on their phone with
critical info.

  have fun ..

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