HP 6930p: mute button doesn't work properly

Hoang Le new.lehoang at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 27 03:08:01 UTC 2010

( I send this again in a new topic, thank to Patrick for telling me not to reply 
an existing mail )

Hi friends,

I need help on my problem with HP 6930p multimedia keys

- When built-in speakers are used, the button works correctly
-  When using external speakers/earphone, sound is always on ( even when  mute 
button is on ). If I unplug, sound is back to the mute button's  current state
- In any case, system tray icon doesn't change ( even  If internal speakers are 
used, mute button works, the sound state  doesn't change to "mute" when sound is 
off )

I also notice that the microphone volume is very low compared to output sound. 
So when I use a recording program ( particularly Audacity ), the playback sound 
is unexpectedly low. I don't know if these problems are related, just in case 
they are ...

Thank you,
Hoang Le

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