printer problems F13

Gregory Pittman gpittman at
Fri Aug 27 16:59:59 UTC 2010

On 08/26/2010 05:06 AM, Tim Waugh wrote:
> On Wed, 2010-08-25 at 15:32 -0400, Gregory Pittman wrote:
>> 1. Plug-n-play automatic detection and setup of printers no longer
>> happens. Other USB devices get found as usual.
> Do you still have system-config-printer-udev installed?

  Take a look
> in /var/log/messages -- if necessary, edit /etc/rsyslog.conf and get it
> to log "debug" messages by changing '*.info' to '*.debug' in
> the /var/log/messages line and restarting it; then plug in a printer and
> see what messages you get.
I get no messages related to this. Still no acknowledgment of attaching 
a printer.

>> 2. trying to use the menu-based Printer configuration ends with it
>> finding the printer, then telling packagekit to look for drivers, after
>> which it says that the drivers are installed, and it quits with an error.
> PackageKit bug:
> But "it quits" -- the "install packages" dialog, run by
> gnome-packagekit, quits, yes.  But system-config-printer should still be
> there and ready for you to carry on creating the queue.  Are you finding
> that system-config-printer itself has quit?  Would love to see if there
> is a message about that in your ~/.xsession-errors file.
It doesn't exactly quit, you just get stuck in a rut -- it finds the 
printer, I click Forward, it searches for packages, then says packages 
are already installed, I click Forward, it searches for packages, then 
says packages are installed...(repeat ad infinitum)

>> 5. Using 'system-config-printer' on the command line by root will allow
>> for setting up a USB-parallel connections printer.
> This shouldn't be any different at all to running it from the menu as a
> non-root user, aside from some PolicyKit dialogs.  All the privileged
> stuff is running by cupsd.

Well, maybe it shouldn't be, but it is. I just did this again, choosing 
the config-printer from the menu, got the same result as above, then ran 
it from the command line as root and it worked, not searching for 
packages, but simply just getting the printer info and going on with the 


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