Slow network with F13 [SOLVED]

Roberto Ragusa mail at
Fri Aug 27 19:12:21 UTC 2010

Bill Davidsen wrote:
> Roberto Ragusa wrote:
>> john wendel wrote:
>>> Looks like I'll spend a little time poking at F13 scp and see if I can 
>>> improve the transfer speed.
>> Maybe you are using compression? Compression is a disadvantage when
>> the network is fast (gigabit); you just spend CPU time.
>> Then there is encryption. That can't be turned off. I would love
>> an option --no-crypto for scp or rsync+ssh on local networks, but
>> there is none: you are forced to turn to rcp or rsh or nc tricks.
> There actually is a patch to provide encryption "none" to improve speed and 
> reduce CPU for trusted connections.
> HINT: sure would be a nice addition to Fedora FC14!!
> It's really desirable for doing scp or ssh to/from a VM from the host. Why spend 
> CPU encrypting a connection which is as trusted as possible? Note that for just 
> file transfer netcat can be useful if you have the firewall set to allow it.

I didn't know about this patch. There is also a bug on Ubuntu (54180), but it
looks like nothing has moved.

So let's hope we will have it someday.

BTW, about compression, we just have gzip. Where is LZMA? It would be useful
on slow links (e.g., all ADSL uplinks) :-)

Maybe extra ciphers and compressions could be handled as plugins.

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