Dual boot Fedora 13 and Windows XP ???

Darr darr at core.com
Sun Aug 29 04:01:13 UTC 2010

On Saturday, 28 August, 2010 @23:54 zulu, James McKenzie scribed:
> Before the days of LVM, I put /swap and / as primary partitions and
> everything else (/opt, /usr, /home, /WHATEVER) on an extended
> partition.  This worked well.  If all you have is WindowsXP, you have
> two primary partitions left....

Not with most Dell computers. Nearly all of them ship
with the first primary (sda1) as a ~50MB 'utility' FAT
partition, then an NTFS partition as sda2 with windows
on it, then a 4GB or so FAT32 partition (sda3) containing
a factory restore image, accessible from a menu in the
utility partition or directly from Win7's repair menu.

THEN, if the computer has a Media Direct button,
there will be a MediaDirect partition too (v3 and later
MediaDirect uses a visible partition rather than using
the HPA that v1 and v2 used). If you're lucky, the MD
partition is SDA5, so you could just shrink the NTFS
partition, expand the extended (sda4?) partition, which
might provide room for logical volumes in which to put fedora and swap.

It sounds like the OP has a Live CD already, since they
described booting to fedora then using the install icon.

So the output from
# fdisk -l
might be the more-appropriate info to request.

Note that the # prompt implies 'root' rather than normal 'user' access.

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