Easier Dual Boot Install For Fedora 14?

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Sun Aug 29 14:52:24 UTC 2010

On 08/29/2010 10:10 AM, David wrote:

> What Windows release? Starting with XP Windows comes with a disk
> partitioning tool included and installed by default.

 I think some may be missing the OP point.

  They are probably asking if anaconda can make it an easy option - if
the only partition on disk is ntfs - to shrink it to make room for
fedora. Rather than using windows, gparted cd etc etc.

  Anaconda Prompt:

   You have no empty disk partitions - however your windows 7 install
has 400 GB of free space with windows currently using 100 GB.

   May I use some of that space ?

   Use some of existing Windows disk space:    [y]

  Amount to use - please adjust the suggested sizes to suit your needs:

    Root ..... [ 15 GB ]
    /home  ....[ 180 GB ]
     swap  ....[ 5 GB ]

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