HP 6930p: mute button doesn't work properly

Tim ignored_mailbox at yahoo.com.au
Sun Aug 29 17:25:37 UTC 2010

On Sat, 2010-08-28 at 20:09 +0200, Zoltan Hoppar wrote:
> Secondly - create an empty text file - named 'alsa-base.conf'
> Third - For content insert this single line without quotes - ' options
> snd-hda-intel position_fix=1' - and save it.
> Fourth - place this file as root to /etc/modprobe.d

If you don't want SELinux issues, you should probably:  Either create
that file in that location, or cp (copy) it to there.  But don't mv
(move) it to there.

[tim at localhost ~]$ uname -r

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