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2010/8/29 Andre Robatino <robatino at>:
> The performance of zsync vs. deltaisos varies from almost as good to much worse,
> depending on how many packages have changed between old and new ISOs. (For
> example, going from Fedora (N-1) to Fedora N Alpha TC1, zsync is almost useless,
> since almost all packages are updated. Between later iterations, it helps a
> lot.) Even if zsync becomes available, deltaisos should still be provided for
> people with very slow connections.

One more question about delta' theory. Does Fedora-project host
deltarpms for every possible package versions or only for the version
that precedes the current version of a package? I mean that if one
tries to update N-2 version of some package to its N' version has he
to download an rpm or there's a drpm for all currently supported
Fedora versions?
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