Problem with hibernation

Timothy Murphy gayleard at
Mon Aug 30 00:50:49 UTC 2010

JD wrote:

>> My laptop has ceased hibernating.
>> When I click on f=>Leave=>Hibernate
>> the sleep-moon starts flashing
>> and the small hyphen-like symbol on the top left comes on as usual,
>> but as far as I can see nothing is written to disk.
>> At this point it becomes impossible to communicate with the machine.
>> I wonder if anyone has had the same problem?
>> And if so, whether there is a solution?
>> I'm running the current kernel,
>> but I tried the last 2 kernels without effect.
> If by current kernel you mean kernel-
> then I already tested the hibernation and it works - i.e. it does
> hibernate the machine.

Yes, I am running kernel- .
But I probably did not express myself properly;
I also tried the previous 2 kernels,
and had the same hibernation problem with both,
from which I deduce that the problem has nothing to do with the kernel.

Actually I only have this problem on one Thinkpad T43 laptop;
hibernation works perfectly on a second T43.

I suppose my main difficulty is that I don't know
how I can find out what is going on in the laptop
at the moment of failure,
since the only way I can see to bring the machine back to life
is to press the power-button, and then re-boot.
There doesn't seem to be anything odd in /var/log/messages
after this to explain the problem.

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