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Mon Aug 30 13:27:28 UTC 2010

   Dan - thank you. selinux is outstanding - and through your efforts
(and others) especially on the fedora policy files, grown over the last
several years into something really useful.

   Anti-selinux folk. It takes work to  deploy it on some systems for
sure and I am just learning - i have a lot of work on one system to get
it compliant. For many setups targeted policy works with no changes at all.

   Please avoid the rude remarks - i.e. be excellent :)

   If some of you are not using it fine. But to claim it has little or
no security suggests nothing but enormous ignorance of security issues.

  If one does not have the xxx (time, resources, ability, whatever) to
make the effort to tune those systems which need some work fine - dont
do it - that decision has nothing to do with security - only _your_

  To Dan, Stephen (and the NSA) and all the others - thank you for
helping advance linux security.


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