Takehiko Abe keke at
Mon Aug 30 14:25:23 UTC 2010

>> So you measure the quality of the programs with SELinux. Ouch.
> I certainly put bad marks against programs which do unwise things

Unwise according to SELinux -- another program.

>> Linux is not Microsoft Windows.
> Though some programmers seem to think that it should be.  Some
> users, too.

heh. To me it looks like many fedora users are so much traumatized by
Windows insecurity that they brought the same habits into computing on
Linux which are not necessary -- like fearing HTML mail or feeling
vulnerable without firewall or other security enhancing softwares...

>> No SELinux does not mean no restriction or no security.
> I never said it.  But when you see something trying to read something
> that it shouldn't, that was stopped by SELinux, it's a window into the
> mindset of the program author.

Care to give an example? Which program tries to read which file?

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