network mgr applet - cannot disable wireless

Steven Stern subscribed-lists at
Mon Aug 30 15:17:45 UTC 2010

On 08/30/2010 07:01 AM, Genes MailLists wrote:
>    Often when I do backups on laptop, I'll plug in wired ethernet - NM
> happily switches the connection from wireless to wired -
>  however it always leaves the wireless on as well
>      + correct if its a different subnet than wired
>      + arguably wrong if its the same subnet - probably a bug ? - or at
> least it should offer to shutoff wireless when the 2 subnets are the same.
>       Since the route via wireless is active, the backup could/does use
> wireless instead of wired. So I usually right click the nm applet and
> disable wireless.
>       Today - that option along with the disable netowrking option are
> grayed out and I can not uncheck the 'emable wireless/networking radio
> buttons.
>    	This is f13 - fully updated (+ some testing and kernel
> from koji). NetworkManager is 8.1.4.git20100817.
>        Anyway know what causes this or suggestions on how to deal with it ?
>         Thanks ..
>    gene/

I clicked on EDIT CONNECTIONS. nm-applet asked for the root password.
Now, all the formerly grayed out boxes are enabled. Whatever is going on
seems to be in the applet.

-- Steve

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