Unable to disable wireless with latest NetworkManager-gnome

Rick Stevens ricks at nerd.com
Mon Aug 30 18:27:04 UTC 2010

On 08/30/2010 10:39 AM, Tim wrote:
> On Mon, 2010-08-30 at 08:20 +0200, Gianluca Cecchi wrote:
>> I wanted to make a screenshot but if I right click and then press
>> the stamp button I do not have the "save screenshot" pop-up... any way
>> to do it (without a digicamera.. ;-)
> Find a program that lets you taked a timed screenshot.  You trigger it,
> and it takes a shot a few seconds later, giving you a chance to set up
> what you want taken.  It's been a while since I did that, but I think
> the Gimp has the feature.

Just hitting the "Print Screen" key on your keyboard should do it for
you.  It does for me, anyway.
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