General desktop questions

Ted Roche tedroche at
Mon Aug 30 19:21:53 UTC 2010


I don't have the answers to your questions, but a couple suggestions
on how you might increase your chances of getting the right answers:

1. Post a new message to the list with a subject that relates to the
question you're asking. "General Desktop Questions" is an
un-informative subject line. Many people may have passed it over just
for that reason.

2. One question, or at least related questions, to a message thread.
The questions you've asked on this thread have been answered, and now
you have new ones. Let this thread close, and start a new one. Someone
searching the archives will be grateful for short threads with few
questions and their answers.

3. Be very specific and supply all the relevant information you can.
Folks are not interested in having to ask you a batch of questions
about your question: what operating system are you using? what kind of
a machine are you running? What application are you running? What did
you try? What did you see? What were you expecting to see? What have
you already tried to solve your problem?

While you may think you're running "Fedora" and so is everyone else,
you'll be surprised how different many people's configurations are.
Help us to answer your questions by telling us what you're doing.

"How to ask questions the smart way" is an essay all of us
should read and review regularly. Take a look and see if it can help
you get better answers.

Good luck!

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