General desktop questions

Alex mysqlstudent at
Mon Aug 30 19:50:57 UTC 2010


Regarding attaching files in Thunderbird...

> You can find the files through the Thunderbird Attach menu option by
> browsing to your home folder (/home/alex, for example) and searching
> for the .gvfs directory. You may need to hit Ctrl-H to show hidden
> files in the dialog or Ctrl-L to edit the path. You can then navigate
> to /home/alex/.gvfs/YourShareName/path/to/yourfilename.

This worked, but creating a bookmark didn't, unless I'm doing it wrong.

The bookmarks to two network shares appear when in Nautilus, but not
in Thunderbird.

When in the "Attach Files" screen from within Thunderbird, I can
browse to the share through the .gvfs directory, and click "Add" in
the lower-left, but it appears there briefly then disappears again.

What could be the cause of this?


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