Java/Firefox craziness

William Case billlinux at
Mon Aug 30 21:10:51 UTC 2010


Just some clarification and double checking.

I want to use a Canadian government site with Firefox on Fedora 13.  I
get the warning message that I need Sun JVM 1.6.0_3 or greater.  There
is nothing in the repositories that I can see resembling Sun JVM.
Apparently I can download and install from Sun, but I get messages that
no new updates are being made available.

Before frustration overtakes me and I start downloading unknown and
unneeded stuff.  What exactly do I want and where should I get it?

(Irony => the site isn't working in WindowsXP  Explorer either)

Regards Bill
Fedora 13, Gnome 2.30.2
Evo.2.20.2, Emacs 23.2.1

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