err:wineconsole:WINECON_Fatal Couldn't find a decent font, aborting

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at
Tue Aug 31 04:20:48 UTC 2010

Joshua C. wrote:
> I found something very interesting. As I said eralier I tried the same
> packages some months ago and everything worked fine. So I just tested
> all the packgaes until i found the "working" one. To clarify before I
> start: wine works fine but the "wineconsole cmd" throws the error
> about the missing font.
> This is what I did:
> I tested this on the f13-kde_livecd.x86_64
> 1. Install wine-core.i686, wine-wow.i686, wine-fonts, wine-common.
> 2. start wineconsole cmd WITHOUT starting winecfg before it
> 3. the error occurrs.
> 4. The only "working" package is 1.2.0-0.6.rc6. After installing it
> and going through the steps 1-3 wineconsole shows that it's "Building
> font metrics". After it has finished I can upgrade to the latest
> 1.3.1-1 and it works just fine.
This is most interesting.  Unfortunately I did not get the Live CD 
burned today.  I'll give this a go tomorrow.  If I find this to be true 
on my system, then we have an issue to bring to the Wine folks.  I'll 
try using Gnome, if you don't mind.

> if I delete the .wine directory AFTER the installation of
> 1.2.0-0.6.rc6 then the error occurs again and I have to go back to the
> rc6 in order to enumerate the fonts.
> This makes me believe that this font-enumeration writes something to
> the .wine directory that's being used by the later versions. after
> installing and starting the rc6 all other versions work fine, until I
> delete the wine directory.
It does.  Fonts are written to the .wine/drive_c/windows/fonts directory 
(or they should be).  That may be what is happening when you first run 
Wine after creating a new directory.  I'll also give this a go on my Mac 
(since this looks like a possible Wine bug), but again this will have to 
wait until tomorrow.

Thank you for the details on what you did to get this to work.  This helps.

James McKenzie

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