Better Firefox fonts?

Alex mysqlstudent at
Tue Aug 31 19:42:13 UTC 2010


> I'd concur with Athmane Madjoudj, you might have a bad anti-aliasing
> option picked for your system.  And some fonts do that better than
> others.
> If you have the liberation fonts installed, they do a good job of
> replacing the usual Windows-expected fonts, and freely.  Your computer's
> much more likely to substitute a good choice of font, rather than a bad
> one, when you don't have the Windows font that the author wanted to use.

I do have the liberation fonts installed:

# rpm -qva|grep -i liberation

I've also tried to change the anti-aliasing options to a few of the
others, but the page still mostly looks the same.

> FWIW, I find it helpful that when an image is posted that the actual
> link also be posted so that folks looking at it can compare what they
> see on their system alongside of what the OP is seeing.

Yes, should have thought of this. This was really just an example --
for the most part, fonts in the browser look blurry.

Other ideas greatly appreciated.

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