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Tue Aug 31 23:18:59 UTC 2010

Hi Bruno,

On 31 August 2010 13:21, Bruno Wolff III <bruno at> wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 31, 2010 at 10:23:48 -0700,
>  suvayu ali <fatkasuvayu+linux at> wrote:
>> # chcon --reference /some/similar/file <file>
> The problem with using chcon is that you don't test if a relabel will break
> things. For the most part you want to set the new labelling pattern with
> semanage and then apply the pattern with restorecon.
> There are a few exceptions where things with some patterns get left the
> way they are and for those cases chcon makes sense to use.

Thanks for your comments. Despite my ill informed usage I guess I
didn't run into problems since my use case is to apply contexts for
new non-existent configuration files or to restore contexts after I
have edited them with emacs. (btw, emacs 24 supports selinux now, I
have been compiling it from source just to keep using emacs while
editing conf files :-p )

I'll try to read up more and follow the recommended way.


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