X server crashed in FC14

Abu Attar Musharih abuattar.musharih at gmail.com
Fri Dec 3 06:19:01 UTC 2010

Dear List,

I unistalled the Firefox-3.6.12 on FC14 and keep only the Opera. I
also unistalled the evolution which I never run it. Just after that
process, the X server crashed. The screen suddenly became dark.

Pressing CTRL+ALT+F2 was able to show the console which I could
re-login. Now I can not run X server anymore. If I reboot the box, it
does not show login window. it stops somewhere just before run level
3.  Only after pressing  CTRL+ALT+F2 can bring the console up. I
noticed that some commands of the gnome was missing from the /usr/bin,
also some gnome modules missing from the /usr/lib/.  I tried to copy
those from another FC14 box but this did not fix the problem.

Of course I can re-install FC14 again but I am sure that is not the
only way of fixing it.
Any kind of suggestion will be highly appreciated.


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