Fedora 14 Hibernate problem

Kevin J. Cummings cummings at kjchome.homeip.net
Sat Dec 4 20:25:22 UTC 2010

On 12/04/2010 02:20 PM, Rakhesh Sasidharan wrote:
> Hi,
> I am on a fresh install of Fedora 14. Just installed it yesterday along
> with all updates. 
> When I try to hibernate the machine, nothing happens. The screen just
> blanks and locks itself (as in a screen lock). And the network
> connection (wireless) gets disconnected. That's all, nothing else
> happens. 
> Suspending the machine (to RAM) works. So it looks like something is
> preventing the machine from hibernating. 


> Are there any logs etc that I can view to figure out what is going
> wrong? Or are there any other utilities I can use to hibernate, so as to
> identify where the problem could be? 

AFA logs are concerned, you need to look at /var/log/pm-suspend.log,
whether you are suspending or hibernating.

> I tried hibernating via ''pm-hibernate'' too but nothing happened. 

Read this page:

> http://www.mjmwired.net/kernel/Documentation/power/basic-pm-debugging.txt

It shows you what to try, what to expect, and what to look at.  There is
more detail for suspend problems, but the rules are similar for hibernate.

The only other thing I can think of to ask is if you have many
non-standard kernel options in your /etc/grub.conf file.  I found that
nomodeset can be either a maker or breaker, depending on which kernel
you are running.  And more recently, VGA= was a killer for me too.
I have had suspend work for me successfully on FC6, F9, and now F14 (it
failed on F11 & F12 for me).  Hibernate worked for me only on F9 and
F11.  I haven't extensively tested it on F14 yet.

> Thanks,
> Rakhesh

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