F12 -> F14 (via preupgrade), not so smooth

Kevin J. Cummings cummings at kjchome.homeip.net
Sat Dec 4 20:47:11 UTC 2010

On 12/04/2010 03:16 PM, Joe Zeff wrote:
> On 12/04/2010 11:56 AM, Kevin J. Cummings wrote:
>> 1) It doesn't seem to matter what image I choose to use as my desktop
>> background.  It doesn't stick.
> Try installing and using Wallpapoz.  I originally tried it so I could 
> have a different background on each desktop, but found it much more 
> interesting just to have a set of random wallpapers.  (Mind you, I could 
> mix both effects by having a different list for each desktop, but that's 
> much more bother than it's worth to me.)  Even if you want one and only 
> one wallpaper, it should be able to override whatever Gnome's trying to do.

Thank-you!  And we have a winner!  I discovered that I *already* had
wallpapoz installed and it was running.  After I removed it, and killed
the running processes, my Gnome desktop control returned to normal!
Wallpapoz was what was screwing it up!


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